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Welcome Fellow Squatchers

I am one poor Squatcher with a few good friends that search for Sasquatch, we take more of a scientific approach on our research trips. Our research trips are usually 2 or more nights with numerous day trips to the mountain, we are a family orientated group, and encourage bringing the kids to all our research trips for they are the future of Sasquatch research.

New one day trip planed for
We have gotton some rain and snow.
Lets hope it was enough.

Well our season here at Sasquatch Searcher is about to start and we hope for a great one at that, we got some late spring snow and rain on the hill, we just hope it was enough to fill up the creeks and alpine lakes, and hopefully some of the dry springs will come back to life. We are worried about the drug growers again this season, lets all hope they got caught last year, but remeber to be carefull in the woods again this year and turn in all drug fields, if they keep losing their crop they will forced to move on.

My good friend has a great blog of our trips at
Check out my Old site at

A nice place for camp,

SEASON UPDATE;some late snow and rain, a nice kind of a wet spring, but will it be enough well we all hope so, but we should have a nice spring grow out of fresh food for our friends

We are planning a wild season this year with lots of trips both one day and overnight trips, going to set up some real neat stuff to see if we get results, going to work on our maping of trail routes. Some of our trips are going to be back country hike in, I mean way back from gates or roads, it should be fun. We also have a very new area to explore.
So if you would like to be included get in touch.

This for all those who are now searching for Sasquatch (Bigfoot), would you kill one for 10 million dollars? That is how low we now have gotten, it was bad enough with Finding BF that was one great comedy. But now there are going to be more shows like them, and the areas that I search are getting not safe due to pot growers planting pot and nasty traps all over the place, it feels like a war zone at times. So just remember there are people in the woods before you shoot and be very careful in the woods while you are out looking for Sasquatch. well the show that this was offered on was a real big joke, and of course they proved nothing but it was doomed to fail from the start anyway.
I think the shows on Sasquatch are dying out, the new ones are real crappy from what I have seen from previews, that is good for it will hope fully get the nuts out of the woods, you could not go camping in a public camp ground withouthearing some fool out on the edge of the campground screaming or beating a tree to death.

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